Saturday, January 14, 2006

This and That and On and On

So...congratulations...y'all survived Friday the 13th!

Spent my Saturday helping The Hubby decorate his office in 'the new location', then came home to clean out my own old files. Found some of my old writings, and to be honest, I wish I didn't have the hard copy reminder of what a HORRIBLE writer I used to be! Soon as I find a box big enough, I fully intend to shred it all and the county landfill!

Several of you asked who cleans my house, since my 'to do' list seems rather long on any given day. Gotta admit, I do it myself. Now before you gasp and sputter and roll your eyes, remember that old commercial where the gal said "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful". If you replace 'beautiful' with 'nutball', you'll have a better understanding of my...nutbally-ness. Seriously, I figure all these activities are good for my marriage: While I'm busy organizing and cleaning, writing or teaching or this-ing and that-ing, I'm not saying "What...ANOTHER football game????" to my husband. (Dr. Phil, if for some freaky, far-out, Twilight Zone kinda reason you're reading this, I'd be pleased to outline my Happy Hubby Plan on your show, any ol' time!)

When I finished stacking my "ugly writings" in a pile, I wrote a 'blurb' for a writer pal's first novel. Next, I'll 'attack' the contest entries on my desk, and then I'll have no choice but to complete what I've been putting off for weeks: photocopies of handouts for my Elements of Fiction students. Class starts on Tuesday...ack!

Hey! I have a writing question for the buncha yas: If you could list just one thing that prompts you to park your butts in front of your computer every day to write, what would it be?

And now it's time for me to sign off and head for my teeny-tiny kitchen, where I'll whip up one of my favorite recipes. My youngest daughter, married just 2 short years, brought this to Christmas dinner and I've made it 3 times since!:

Cornbread Cassarole

1 stick butter, softened
1 cup sour cream
1 can (drained) corn
1 can creamed corn
1 box Jiffy corn mix
1 beaten egg

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine ingredients and pour into a 9x12 baking dish (no need to grease the pan). Bake for 1 hour. (Terrific with 5-alarm chili!)

Take care 'til next time!
All my best,


Jess said...

Loree said: I have a writing question for the buncha yas: If you could list just one thing that prompts you to park your butts in front of your computer every day to write, what would it be?

Jess answered: Well now, how easy is this question to answer! A contract, for sure... or a deadline from someone with a contract in their hot little hand. All they have to do is wave it under my nose and I'll write, write, write.

Simone Bryant said...

Dear Loree,
I tried that recipe and it was a huge hit around my house! I don't even want to know how many calories there are in each serving!
Thanks for all your good advice. Keep the articles coming!
Your friend and former student,

Dr. Carol Franz said...

Ms. Lough:

The information contained herein is fun to read and exceptionally helpful. I hope you will post another topic soon.

Dr. Carol Franz

P.S. I will most definitely be attending your September workshop.

Anonymous said...

Dear Loree, I also tried your recipe and it was a hit with my family, also. My question is, is there anything you CAN'T do? You write fantastic stories, you cook, I have seen your sketches and paintings, and I read on your old web site that you were once been a professional singer, and now I hear you are a master gardener. How did you get so blessed with so many talents! Let's see another of your favorite recipes because my family is bored with mine. Ha Ha Ha