Thursday, September 13, 2007

When Writers Write Wrong

Hey, y'all!

This post will be short (and I'll be back later today to add a real one).

First, I apologize to anyone who has visited, to read, write, or pose a question on a writing-related topic, only to find a long and unweildy list of disgusting comments. Let me stress that these stupid and inappropriate remarks were UNINVITED.

A few health and personal issues have kept me from popping over here to add new blog material, and until this morning, I had no idea! Well, I've just spent a couple of hours deleting some of the comments posted to this blog. Not the nice stuff, not even the stuff that disagrees with my stuff. Just the uninvited, inappropriate trash kinda stuff. It's gone. Ka-put. Erased. Deleted. And I've made changes to what people are allowed to post, to make it more difficult for these wackos to leave their nasty calling cards behind.

But you know the Internet: If there's a way to tear down a protective wall, some sick and twisted pervert will find a way. And y'all know if you drop by and see anything you think I wouldn't approve of, let me know, and I'll speed right over here and axe it from the blog.

Again, my sincere apologies for any offensive garbage you saw here. I intend to visit daily now, so I can slam the door on those obtrusive cyber-bullies. Maybe, if I do it often enough, their fingers will hurt too much to type!

Take care, and stay in touch!

All my best,