Thursday, September 04, 2008

Guess what I just found out?

...there's a site on the World Wide Web whose sole purpose is to provide needed items for U.S. soldiers, serving overseas?

How I missed it is anybody's guess, especially considering it's been around for five years. Yes, five years! But now that I know, I'm gonna howl at the top of my lungs until a whole lot more Americans are aware it exists! and exists so that ordinary citizens like you and me can do our part to thank the brave men and women who put their lives every day they're 'over there' for the sole purpose of keeping us all safe and sound. Most of us can't don uniforms and march the streets looking for potential threats, but we can do this!

Lists (of who needs what and how to get it into their hands) will help you determine just what to send. You can write to the soldiers, too, or comment on the many truly funny jokes they've posted. There are brief bios for each man and woman, so you'll know what rank and branch of the military they're serving.

Seriously, folks, it doesn't matter one whit how you intend to vote on November 4th (as long as you do it). What does matter is that these brave men and women have earn our support every time they button their cammo shirts and lace up their boots. Every last one of us should feel duty-bound to dig deep and share as much as our budgets (and our consciences) will allow.

Okay. That's it. End of my post for today.

Can't wait to hear how many of you have packed up stuff that'll help make a soldier's days a little less scary...and a lot more homey. What better way to say THANK YOU!

Meanwhile, write on, m'friends!

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