Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Writing workshop

Yes, Virginia, there's still time to register!

Loree Lough's (that's me! hehehe) popular Leading Edge Writers' Studios intensive, all-day workshop (Sept. 16, 2006 in Columbia, MD) has just a few openings left, so get your registration in soon!

For those of you who don't know, I founded The Leading Edge in 1999, in response to numerous requests from students and mentees.

Built on 15+ years' teaching experience (which includes my very own "Build a Better Novel", "The Elements of Fiction", and Writer's Digest classes, to name just a few, The Leading Edge is dedicated to one clear-cut objective: Helping you launch or enhance your writing career.


Meals and beverages,

writing materials,

detailed handouts,

in-class exercises,

free one-on-one critiques (submit 5 pages by 8/15/06),

guest speaker (entertainment attorney this time!),

discounts (early registration, senior citizen, student, referrals),

the benefit of my 20+ years' writing and 15+ years' teaching experience,

and a whole lot more!

The Leading Edge will teach you how to turn your ideas into salable proposals. Learn what agents and editors want--and why--thanks to powerful tools and step-by-step instructions structured to de-mystify the write-to-sell process.

For more information, or to print a downloadable brochure and/or registration form, visit http://www.loreelough.com and click the Lectures/Workshops tab.

Hope to see you there. Meanwhile, keep those fingers on the keyboard!

All my best, Loree


John Brogan said...

See you there, Loree. Looking forward to your input on my 'five pages'.


Michael Bollinger said...

Sounds good, Loree. Count me in. But my pages for critique won't make it to you by the deadline. I'm hoping you'll review them, anyway?


Vaughan Gelichi said...

Hi Loree,

By now you should have received the first five pages (mine and my wife's) and the check for me and my wife to attend your workshop in September.

Our neighbor is interested in coming, also. Is there still room, or has the 'limited space' been filled up?

Dorothy and I are looking forward to seeing you again.


Wendy Berdner said...

I can't believe my good luck! I live nearby, I have money for the registration fee, and Sept. 16th isn't booked up. I'll be there!

Looking forward to seeing you again!

Your former student,
Wendy Berdner

Judith Burton said...

Hello again, Loree my friend!

I hope by now you've received my pages, the registration form and check for the workshop. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to seeing you again and soaking up all the wonderful tips you'll share! Every time I talk to you I feel like a sponge!

Stay cool in this heat wave. And keep your fingers crossed that BGE doesn't have a brown-out!


Robin Bayne said...

Sounds like fun! Wish I could be there : )

M. Nitesh said...

I will be present at this workshop. I have completed two novels and would like to learn how to submit them for publication. Perhaps I might speak with you regarding professional editing services.

Forrest Blye said...

Going on ten years now since I started this blinkity-blank book, and my wife says time to see if it's any good. See you on 9/16 barring hurricanes and floods.

Mary said...

I have the info from your online brochure and will register in time for the 10% discount for the November conference. I will also bring a friend or two who will also download your registration form. We would like to all be eligable for the 10% discount and are looking forward to this.


Anonymous said...

I have printed your brochure from your web site and will mail it with my check in time for the November workshop. Two of my friends will also attend with me so I'm hoping they register in time for me to be eligable for the appropriate discounts. We are looking forward to meeting you as we have heard many good things about you as a teacher.

Jennifer said...

Hi. Is there a workshop in November? I see the date listed but cannot find information for that specific date or a registration form at your website.


Jennifer said...

Is there a workshop in November? I canot find specific information for that date or a registration form on your website. I'm hoping that date is still on.


Loree Lough said...

Okay...to everyone who commented so far...thanks! Workshops are still scheduled, so keep visiting my web site and this blog for details about when and where.

And there's a $25 Visa gift card in it for anybody who can point me and the FCC to the bean brain who's posting garbage on this blog....

See y'all soon!